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fuusauna 2nd Anniversary Stickers on sale in limited quantities! ​


​Reservations for Golden Week limited slots have begun!



An Estonian barrel sauna with a panoramic view of the Seto Inland SeaWe have installed electric stoves from the long-established stove manufacturer TYLO.
In an outdoor sauna where you must wear a swimsuit,Advance reservations are required. Mixed bathing is allowed, so you can use the bath with your partner.



You can enjoy self-louver using locally produced aromatic water made from Setouchi lemons and sophisticated buckets and ladles from KOLO, a sauna accessory brand from Scandinavia.
The sauna stones are made from the white granite "Shirazakura Mikage" quarried in Yakage Town, Oda County, Okayama Prefecture.The rising steam will help you sweat comfortably.



The cold bath is a Shigaraki ware bathtub designed for the sauna.
You can always feel at ease with the water temperature controlled by a chiller.
If you lie down on the infinity chair, you can enjoy a starry sky at night.
​Enjoy a luxurious outdoor bath in the shade of the trees while listening to the sounds of the waves.



You can rent denim swimsuits designed specifically for saunas by the apparel brand "ITONAMI."

The design uses "nylon denim" developed independently by a long-established textile manufacturer that continues to produce new materials. ​Enjoy a local sauna experience wearing materials made in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.


  • スタンダードコース。1名様ずつの料金となります。男性のみ・女性のみでもご予約可能です。※貸切ではありません。

    Offered Daily

    1 時間 30 分

    2,200 Japanese yen
  • 直前限定、不定期のお得な貸切コース。2名様分の料金です。※開催日時のお問い合わせにはお答えできません。最新のお知らせはInstagramで!

    7,000 Japanese yen
  • 毎週金曜19:30〜21:00の特別枠。1名様ずつの料金です。男性のみ・女性のみでもご予約可能です。※貸切ではありません。


    1 時間 30 分

    3,000 Japanese yen
  • 宿泊者限定のお時間で、1名様ずつの料金です。男女どちらかのみでも予約可。サウナのご利用時に、セルフ操作がございます。※貸切ではありません。

    Offered Daily

    1 時間 30 分

    3,000 Japanese yen
  • 女性専用で1名様ずつの料金となります。※貸切ではありません。


    1 時間 30 分

    2,200 Japanese yen
  • 貸切で1組分の料金です。サウナ終了後から1時間利用できます。浴室は貸切で1ヶ所のみとなります。

    Offered Daily

    1 時間

    1,000 Japanese yen

​Rental item list​

If you let the reception know on the day, you can rent it.
​Please see below for a list of items and rental fees.
​In the event of loss or damage, we may charge you the actual cost of the product.

・Denim sauna hat 300 yen

Uki Sauna's original denim sauna hat. This hat protects your hair from the heat of the sauna. "Type A" is made from the same material as denim swimsuits, and is designed to be worn as part of a set. "Type B" is made from a soft denim material that is made by collecting and recycling unwanted denim.

This versatile poncho can be used in a variety of situations, such as when you want to slowly cool down after a sauna session, when you want to cover yourself, or when you want to avoid getting caught in the rain while bathing outside. It comes in one size and comes with a handy pocket. It's made of towel material, so you can also use it to quickly wipe your body.

・Organic bath towel: 300 yen

"Denim swimsuit" made of nylon material designed by apparel brand "ITONAMI" for sauna use. Made with "nylon denim" developed by a long-established textile company that continues to produce new materials. ​Enjoy a local sauna experience wearing materials made in Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture.

・Nylon denim swimsuit 500 yen
(Men's S.M.L.XL/Women's S.M)

・Multipurpose poncho: 500 yen

Bath towels from IKEUCH ORGANIC, a towel manufacturer in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture. By twisting two strands of yarn together, they pursue greater volume and absorbency. The looms are powered 100% by wind power, and the towels are made with maximum safety and minimal environmental impact, making them firm, fluffy, and just the right size.

​User Guide / Notes

After filling out the sauna check-in form at the reception desk,
​We will guide you to the changing area,10 minutes before startPlease come to the following address: ​

​Please note that we cannot extend your time if you arrive late.

Luggage storage and changing space is limited, so please be considerate of others when using them.
There are no trash cans, so please take everything with you when you leave.

Day-trip guests who only wish to use the sauna will be required to use the outdoor shower booths.
Guests staying at the hotel can use the baths on site.

The cold bath and outdoor bathing space are located outdoors.The event will be held even in case of rain.
If the sauna session is cancelled due to a natural disaster such as a typhoon or other external influences, we will refund the full fee.
Rental items were damaged or lostIn such cases, we will charge you the actual cost.

​Food and beverage service at the cafe lounge is from 11:30-21:00 (last order at 20:30).

cancellation policy

​In case of cancellation, please contact us as follows.

After the due date, you will be responsible for the following fees:
​*Please note that even if the date and time (time slot) is changed, a cancellation fee will be charged after the deadline.

Up to 14 days in advance: 10%, Up to 3 days in advance: 30%, Up to the day before: 50%, On the day: 100%​
Payment fee of 3.6% from the above(PayPay, etc.smartphonePayment is 5.0%)We will refund the amount excluding the above.

(*Even if the cancellation rate is 0%, a payment fee will be charged.)
Due to the system, it will take approximately 5 to 10 days for the refund to be completed.

If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us by phone during opening hours.
Reception: fuu sauna (TEL: 080-3885-3737)
​Reception hours: 10:00-18:00

Description based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

​Contact Information

​*This is the contact number for inquiries regarding product delivery status and order details.
​Please call us to inquire about sauna reservations or cancellations.

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